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  • Apr

How to prepare children for a move?

A factor that is forgotten in many changes are the children, we are so concerned with performing the purely physical work of these that we forget that children will change their environment, possibly friends and school, therefore, it is better to warn them in time, Explain why you change your address, take them if youLeer más ...
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  • Apr

Tips to follow before moving to a new home?

Depending on the new home you have to choose the furniture that will be taken and which will remain in the old house with the new owner or will go to someone who needs them. Do not forget to check if the dimensions of the appliances (washing machine, refrigerator, etc.) are adapted in the newLeer más ...
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  • Apr

What advice do you follow when packing in a move?

If you are going to prepare your own packaging of objects, be sure not to overload the boxes, they can break and break their contents.   Sorts the objects, according to the fragility and the type of object.   Make a list of priorities to pack, setting up a box with the things you canLeer más ...
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  • Jan

How to hire a moving company?

Choosing a moving company on your own can seem like a laborious task. Considering the following factors, you will be able to make a better decision on which company is best suited to your needs: Allow enough time to choose the company. Planning well in advance will not only allow you to find the bestLeer más ...