Our crew team, with close to forty employees, we dare to say, is the one of the best offers we have.
This great team of people are prepared for almost everything and are the perfect complement for the professional vehicle and its team. Thanks to them, we can guarantee a service of quality and tailor said service to each of our customers.

This crew team may provide support and assistance to transporters during loading and unloading of trucks. They can also perform activities where help from one or more crewmembers is needed in regards to handling, cleaning, assembly, storage control, relocation or any other requested task.

Thanks to them, we assure you will be able to cover work peaks which otherwise will demand you hiring manpower personnel and staff to cover for sporadic jobs needs. By having this kind of professional and urgent assistance, without you incurring in hiring directly, you will be able to cover all your needs – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This staff has an external service in which:

Prevention of occupational hazards

They have made a careful Plan of Prevention of Occupational Risks, to guarantee the security of the personnel during the work, since it gives them the individual training necessary, to take the corrective measures that fit for each situation.

Social Security

All our staff in Lazarotrans have Social Security covered.

Health Surveillance

At Lazarotrans we are concerned that our operators are in full physical capacity, this service is covered by Health Surveillance, which includes checks of each operator.