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How to prepare children for a move?

A factor that is forgotten in many changes are the children, we are so concerned with performing the purely physical work of these that we forget that children will change their environment, possibly friends and school, therefore, it is better to warn them in time, Explain why you change your address, take them if you can see the new place days in advance, so they will be more prepared and integrated into the process, without feeling ignored.

To make the move easier for the children and parents, the following steps can be followed: explain clearly to the children why it is necessary to move, familiarize the child as best as possible with the new area, either through Maps, photographs or using the daily newspaper, describe the advantages of the new location so that the child can appreciate factors such as lakes, mountains or an amusement park, if a son or daughter is in his senior year of high school, consider Of allowing you to stay with a trusted family until the end of the school year.

  • Allow the children to participate in the design or decoration and furnishing of their rooms.

Custom boxes. A move can be especially complicated if you have children, because moving from one home to another can become traumatic for children, especially if the new home is in another city. Try to involve your children in the moving process, buy joyful boxes for them so they can put their personal things on themselves. Tell them to choose what things they want to be able to take the first day in the new house (from a book or special toy to their favorite sheet, records, computer ….) and put them in their personal box. The more you involve them in the move, the sooner they will accept it.

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