Transport for sectors


In the 70’s and almost by chance, we began to work in collaboration with gallerists transporting especially paintings and sculptures. Little by little, we have gained more experience in this world, which has allowed us to expand our offer and include among our customers the antique dealer sector.

His merchandise, in most cases, of works of art requires a very special and meticulous manipulation, which has been acquired by our staff throughout these thirty years.

Likewise, the great artistic, historical or economic value of the material transported requires insurance for damages and theft, which in our case are already included in the price (consult), or complementary policies are contracted, if the value of the transported is Much higher than that covered by our insurance (by the client).

We transport, exclusively, the material of a single door-to-door customer, in Barcelona capital, or to any Catalan town, from the rest of Spain or Europe. For this we have the right vehicles and a qualified human team for this delicate work.

Transport for sectors



During our more than 50 years of history we have collaborated in the filming of different films, but we are especially proud to have had the honor of collaborating in the production of an Oscar film. We were the company in charge of the transport in Barcelona during the The film of Pedro Almodóvar’s film “Todo sobre mi madre”, which was awarded the prized statuette.

For this and other collaborations, Specialized personnel and vehicles adapted for the transport of electrical equipment, camera, props, etc.


We were the first Barcelona to specialize in services oriented to the peculiar world of television producers who as we know, are in charge of producing all the advertisements that reach us through the various media, mainly on TV. This makes us a great connoisseur of the needs and different peculiarities of this exciting sector. This specialization, has led us to condition our vehicles (electrical equipment As well as to prepare our staff with the desire to cover the specific needs of this sector.

PRICES: Contact us for the personalized preparation of a shooting budget.


We count among our clients with the main theaters of Barcelona and province (Gran Teatre Liceu, Teatre Lliure, Teatre Nacional, Teatre Victoria and a long etcetera), for them we make transport services of sets, costumes, props, instruments, etc. We do tours in different parts of Catalonia, the rest of Spain and Europe with the material of the different plays. Of the loads and discharges of the mentioned material, movements of the same inside the theaters, or even works of “extra” in some works.

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