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How to hire a moving company?

Choosing a moving company on your own can seem like a laborious task. Considering the following factors, you will be able to make a better decision on which company is best suited to your needs:

Allow enough time to choose the company.

Planning well in advance will not only allow you to find the best company, but also compare prices and even receive recommendations from friends and acquaintances who have already gone through this process. Start your search at least 4 weeks before moving.
When you require the service to be carried out, consider how much you want to transport and how much you are willing to pay.
Remember to consider what you can afford. There are specialized removal services that will allow you to stay away from the entire process, but at a high cost. If you prefer to pack things yourself you can save money but it will take more time. On the other hand, you probably need to book

It requests the service with a certain amount of time since the demand fluctuates throughout the year.


Once you have selected one or several transport companies, ask them to visit your home to make a rigorous budget, which would be preferable given in writing.

Its technical experts should move to the customer’s home and make an assessment of the furniture and objects to be moved, the difficulties offered by this address and the new, according to distance, floor height, location and form of stairs and elevators. .. In view of the conditions, they draw up a budget or contract signed by both parties.


Sign the contract, when everything responds to your demands. It is his right to demand it, thereby avoiding possible abuse.

Make sure that you have the permits to exercise the activity, and we do not only mean that the workers are properly insured, but that they obtain a permit to occupy the public way from your town hall, otherwise, they could paralyze the move the municipal authority , With the consequent exclusion of having half the furniture at home and the other half on the street.
Consult them how they will download the furniture, which vehicles or tools will use as well as the time they calculate that will have occupied the elevators of the community, and tell it to your neighbors, those of the two communities, ask them for compression, but warns in advance, the forms in All personal relationships are important, and more if you are going to force your neighbors to walk up to their houses, or you will disturb with noises in the portal.

  • Check that the company complies with the requirements established by law related to the sector, is registered, has civil liability insurance and that its staff is insured, has a good planning of Labor Risks, operators have passed the tests (Health Surveillance). It will save you troubles.
  • Do not worry about cheap moving. Quality, service and efficiency have their price. Normally, the usual services of removals do not include some services, such as the removal in containers of waste or invalid objects, fixing on walls of frames, lamps, modular furniture , etc. If you want your moving company to perform these services, you must ask for them as separate concepts, where applicable, if they are invoiced for hours
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