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What advice do you follow when packing in a move?

If you are going to prepare your own packaging of objects, be sure not to overload the boxes, they can break and break their contents.


  • Sorts the objects, according to the fragility and the type of object.

  • Make a list of priorities to pack, setting up a box with the things you can not do on arrival at the new home.

  • List the objects that are being packed in each box and list each box. We suggest you save the list to a secure site, such as an excel file or a calendar.

  • Mark the boxes pointing to where they are going to unpack (kitchen, living room, etc.).

  • Numbers the boxes, do not put the contents, it is better not to indicate that it contains the things, thus avoiding facilities to the thief, for that numeralas, and it carries a list with the numbers, the content since the room of the new address , So it will be easier for you to start the normal life in the next destination and you do not have as much risk when moving them.

  • Plan the packaging:
    Do not save a little bit of everything and the tun-tun. It is best to pack room by room, you have to number the boxes and you can also put a special color to distinguish them from the boxes of other rooms. Do not forget to take inventory of each box. Identify with color and on several faces those containing “Fragile” objects.
    Use color coordination to make it easier for the movers and shakers to know where to place each box in the new home. Put stickers of different colors in each box (for example yellow for kitchenware, blue bathroom, lilac bedroom, red living room ….) and when you arrive at your new home, stickers of the same color on the door of the room Where each box corresponds.


    1. For heavier items like books, use small boxes that can be easily moved or moved.

    3. For heavy material, choose solid boxes and not too large, so you can lift them easily.

    5. Deposit the heaviest objects first, and over them another layer of paper. Follow this with the rest of the objects until filling the box.

    7. Reinforce the boxes with two bands of adhesive tape crossed at their base.

    9. The dishes must be packed separately and very carefully. The plates must be packed with plastic – bubble and placed inside the box vertically, because they are more resistant to blows. Then fill the holes with crumpled newspaper, or towels or cloth handles. The cups have to be wrapped one by one in plastics, to fill the holes in the corners of the boxes – bubble and store them standing, or use specific packaging for glassware (like our boxes with glass separators). Label with strong colors with the word “Fragile” on several of their faces.

    11. Form a layer of small balls with newsprint and cover the bottom of the boxes provided for the packaging.

    13. Adhesive tapes for sealing boxes, do not use directly on the furniture, then it will be very difficult to remove the glue and can ruin the finishes. Particular care must be taken when storing furniture in storerooms or storerooms protected by bubble wrap, as this may leave a mark on the wood.


    16. Fill the boxes so objects do not bounce inside.

    18. When you pack a computer do not forget to back up the information it contains, and make sure you do not store it close to objects that generate a magnetic field.

    20. Do not pack or transport fuel or flammable objects – aerosols, paints, lacquers.

    The whole family to pack
    If it is you and your family who will pack, two weeks before the day of the move, ask the company in charge of the transfer, the boxes and all the packing elements necessary to begin the task.
    Keep 10 to 15 empty boxes for last minute items (bed linen from the previous night of the move, food from the fridge, cleaning utensils etc.
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    Custom Boxes
    A move can be especially complicated if you have children, because moving from one home to another can become traumatic for children, especially if the new home is in another city. Try to involve your children in the moving process, buy cheerful boxes for them so they can put their personal things on themselves. Tell them to choose what things they want to be able to take the first day in the new house (from a book or special toy to their favorite sheet, records, computer ….) and put them in their personal box. The more you involve them in the move, the sooner they will accept it.

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