Special Transportation

Permanent Service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Catering companies

Transport service for catering companies, food (refrigerated vehicles) or various materials (tablecloths, tables, chairs, flowers, etc.).

Transportation with truck crane

We carry all types of transport of vehicles in crane trucks to the location that you facilitate us

Luxury vehicles

Transport services in collaboration with companies of luxury vehicles (transport of luggage).

Delivery and distribution of exclusive material

Delivery and distribution services of exclusive material for each client.

Large tonnage and special transport with boom and crane

Special transport with pen and crane trucks and heavy transport (three axles, trailers, gondolas)

Car rental with driver

In Lazarotrans we offer a complete service of rent of all type of vehicles with conductor for our clients.


Special services for Spain and Europe with specialized personnel and vehicles of all sizes, for promotional marketing, new technologies, image and sound.

International transport

International road transport with any type of vehicle. Exclusive full charge services for a single customer.